Proven in practice

As a composite manufacturer, we have successfully completed the most diverse assignments in composite. Apart from their inherent quality, the main benefits of these products are their lightweight, impressive insulation capacity and low maintenance properties. Below you can check out a small selection of our projects ranging from hatches & doors to a complete deck section and mast. Click for more details and photos.

VABO Composites, ship doors, hatches and ship masts

VABO is a manufacturer of high quality composite ship doors, hatches and masts within the super yacht and commercial shipping industry. For over 20 years, VABO has been producing these products with a high dedication to quality and a perfect finish. There are three product groups within the company. Ship hatches & ship doors, Superstructures & Ship masts and Specials.

Advantages of composite

The products that are produced by VABO are made out of composite. This is a lightweight product that on the long run, is more durable, less maintenance intensive and sustainable. The composite ship hatches, doors, masts, superstructures and specials are made in such a way that they are easily installed upon delivery. Because of the composite structure, it is easy for VABO to integrate custom, tailormade parts into the final product.

Reasons to partner with VABO

VABO Composites

VABO Composites offers a wide variety of high quality composite products. VABO likes to take the project in hands and start working from start to finish. There is no other company so distinctive as VABO when it comes to the production and customization of composite ship doors, ship hatches, ship masts and superstructures.

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