Yard talk

Next Generation Shipyards (NG Shipyards) designs and builds as well as maintaining and repairing work boats up to 30 metres. An important issue for them is the continuing search for durable applications and technologies to reduce their ecological footprint.

This is where we, VABO Composites, come into the picture. We deliver industrial doors, escape hatches and multipurpose hatches to NG Shipyards. As the total weight of a boat is essential to NG Shipyards, the decision to choose for VABO as their supplier of lightweight composite products is more than logical!

The doors and hatches we provided NG Shipyard with are 40% lighter than if they were made out of aluminium and even 50% to 60% lighter than a steel equivalent. With a total of 7 doors and 10 hatches in our latest project for NG Shipyard, we can definitely say that our composite solutions will save some weight!

Project Manager Dirk Keizer: “With VABO Composites we have found a partner who can relate to our philosophy and pro-actively react to any challenge a shipyard might face. They are able to supply us with the right product for our boats!”

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