VABO Composites launches new company in Italy

new company in Italy

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-end composite elements for the superyacht and commercial shipping sectors, Dutch company VABO Composites is partnering with Italian company Pharo Srl to extend its network with a new company in Italy. Based in the centre of the marine market in Sarzana, La Spezia, VABO Italia will act as a 100% sister company to VABO Composites, responsible for custom composite projects and developing a new range of products to complement those available from VABO HQ.

With a Lloyd’s-approved production hall of 3000 square metres and a team of dedicated specialists, the home base of VABO Composites in the Netherlands has built up a formidable reputation over the past 20 years for the excellence of its products. Innovation has proven key to the company’s success, as shown by the recent introduction of a top-quality fire door with 60-minute resistance.

Resending to demand

While VABO’s international network of subcontractors have ensured first-class support to clients around the world, the opening of a dedicated new company in Italy responds to the exceptional and growing demand for composite products in that part of Europe. Founded by Arnold Vaandrager and Andrea Blasi,  VABO Italia Composites Srl will also benefit from the commercial network and decades of experience found within PHARO Srl.

“We will engineer, create and install composite parts for the upper echelons of the marine pleasure craft industry, as well commercial clients and the navy,” explains general manager Grazio Basile.” There is also strong interest among designers and architects in Italy for the production of unique furnishing elements that combine the very best of aesthetics and functionality.”

Sistema VABO Italia

Examples of such projects already in the agenda include antenna masts, canopies, swimming pools and custom whirlpools with sunbeds, sofas and outdoor furniture.  “Our vision is to provide a turnkey service that goes well beyond the products themselves,” adds Basile. “The plug & play VABO Italia system approach means we directly manage onsite all activities from preliminary design to set-up (including FAT report) and onboard installation. Our clients will enjoy a seamless integration of the different modules when outfitting their vessels, including functional elements such as masts, antennas and hatches.”

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