Shipping of a masterpiece!

The composite canopy of 14 x 10 meters is shipped. First vertical by road and then by ship to our customers’ yard. A strong example of the shipping capabilities of Van Wieren Special Transport. Superlight and fully prepared for painting and installation of the equipment, the canopy arrived at the yard. We can’t wait to see the next phase of this masterpiece. The VABO team took care of defining the requirements, performing the calculations and engineering and building of the canopy itself. All piping, cable trays, mounting plates are installed as a preparation for outfitting and installation. Because of close and constructive co-operation with the yard and our partners we were able to reach this result. A perfect example how to construct elements of superstructures by using the advantages of composite. Composite offers so much more than saving weight! Don’t hesitate to contact us for learning more about working with composites.

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