Recap 2023

In 2023, Vabo Composites emerged as a key player in the naval, superyacht, maritime, and yachting industries, achieving notable milestones and delivering innovative solutions. Our involvement in several naval and superyacht projects showcased our commitment to excellence and advanced technology, as we collaboratively designed and manufactured cutting-edge composite structures. Notably, our lightweight doors and hatches became integral features in the maritime and yachting sector, enhancing vessel performance, fuel efficiency, and sustainability.

Throughout the year, Vabo Composites maintained a focus on continuous improvement, evident in the ongoing series production that consistently met and exceeded industry standards. Client and partner feedback underscored the reliability and performance of our products. The year 2023 marked a period of growth and success, laying the foundation for Vabo Composites’ continued prominence in the global marine industry. Looking ahead, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of composite technology remains steadfast, ensuring that Vabo Composites continues to be a leader in delivering exceptional solutions to the evolving needs of the maritime and yachting landscape.

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