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You may already be familiar with the Accedoo range of hatches: a versatile, lightweight, no-nonsense solution for on-board lockers and waterproof openings.

For the purpose of an upcoming project, VABO Composites is leveraging this experience to deliver the Accedoo Flush Concealed Hinge (FCH) deck hatch. Soon at testing stage, this design answers all the requirements of the power of sailing superyacht, with particular emphasis on versatility and reliability.

Aimed at this very exclusive and customised part of the market, there are no standard sizes. Clients can however expect supply of any hatch size, at any camber, without associated tooling costs. The FCH Deck Hatch can be prepared for any type of lid (tinted glass, FRP sandwich) or deck cladding (teak, painted) configuration required. Hinging is obviously fully concealed and all hardware is flush fit. The resulting product is a plug and play item, delivered with class approval and on-site support for fitment and/or commissioning.

For this upcoming project, the FCH Deck Hatch is also being customised for a twin-lid configuration and for use as a companionway with automated opening. Further enquiries about the Accedoo Deck Hatch can already be made via, with first deliveries possible by January 2021.

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