Collaboration MB92-VABO

According to its website the stated mission of MB92 is: ‘To provide our clients with the best refit experience; from the preparation of their project right through to its delivery and beyond.’ This mission fits like a glove for VABO Composites as well. We are committed to taking care of all aspects of a project for our customers with turnkey solutions, including with the most complex requests.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with VABO Composites to provide complex composite solutions as well as light weight doors & hatches to our clients. We look forward to working together!” says procurement manager Giovanni Marré of MB92 Barcelona

Sharing this mission made a cooperation between MB92 and VABO Composites a very logical step for the future. The agreement allows us to extend our presence in the Mediterranean region further, complementing the launch of VABO ITALIA last year. And it reinforces our strong belief in the power of collaboration, especially with such a powerful partner as MB92.

“With this agreement VABO Composites can extend their presence in the med, after starting with VABO ITALIA last year. We believe in the power of collaboration, especially with such a strong partner as MB92”: states Jeroen van Deutekom, sales manager of VABO Composites

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