News about VABO Composites

Besides our own newsletter, we are also proud to share news about VABO Composites in other magazines. Since our last newsletter, we have been present in two magazines, Truckstar and JEC. Within the special transport edition of Truckstar magazine, we are mentioned in combination with our transport partner and neighbour van Wieren. In the JEC (a magazine dedicated to composites), a small piece is dedicated to the same project as in the Truckstar but the text is more dedicated to our product instead of our logistics partner.

Truckstar: as seen in the pictures, a van Wieren truck is transporting one of our most recent projects, a 23x11x5 metre superstructure. From Emmeloord, it was transported to a port where it was placed on a pontoon to ship it to Amsterdam for installation.

JEC Composites Magazine: the article about VABO Composites in the JEC magazine is also about a recent project we created and finished. JEC speaks about our product, what it is, what it’s for and why it’s better. It is always nice to see a company paying attention to our work and actually appreciating it for what it is. On the right you can read the exact text JEC wrote about us! Of course, we not only want structures like these to get credit, because our doors, hatches and other products are just as good and amazing as a superstructure!

During an online event hosted by E-lass, VABO sales manager Jeroen van Deutekom was privileged to give a presentation about one of our projects to an to an interested audience coming from all over Europe.

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