Midlife update HMS Johan de Witt

Johan de Witt

We are delighted to share the successful collaboration between Damen Naval and VABO Composites during the recent mid-life update of the HMS Johan de Witt. As part of the project, VABO Composites was chosen as a partner to handle the engineering, production, and installation of a large ventilation duct. The selection was based on various factors, including VABO’s proactive approach, which perfectly aligned with the shipyard’s tight deadline to ensure the ship’s scheduled departure to its home port in Den Helder.

The scope of the project was no small feat, involving the production of nearly 600 square meters of composites. This presented a significant challenge that required meticulous planning and execution. However, we are pleased to announce that we successfully delivered the project on time, meeting the expectations and satisfaction of all parties involved.

The collaboration between Damen Naval and VABO Composites exemplifies the power of partnership and effective project management. Through open communication, close coordination, and a shared commitment to excellence, we overcame obstacles and achieved our objectives.

This achievement highlights VABO Composites’ expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions in the maritime industry. We are proud to have contributed to the mid-life update of the HMS Johan de Witt, ensuring its continued operational readiness and enhancing its capabilities.

As we celebrate this successful collaboration, we look forward to future opportunities to work together and deliver innovative solutions that drive the advancement of the maritime sector.

Mr. Olaf van Kampen, the project leader for the Mid-Life Update of HMS Johan de Witt, expressed his contentment with DMO’s choice of partnering with VABO for this significant project. He emphasized the exceptional communication and flexibility demonstrated by the VABO team, which greatly contributed to the project’s success. Their adeptness at adapting to changing circumstances and their collaborative approach were instrumental in overcoming any obstacles encountered along the way. Overall, DMO was highly satisfied with the project’s outcome and acknowledged the valuable role played by VABO in its achievement.

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