MEET THE VABO PEOPLE – Willem van der Gugten

My name is Willem van der Gugten, part of the Vabo Composites team for more than 4 years, now. As Senior Team Lead Composite, I am responsible for aftersales, on location jobs and our flexible contractors team. With decades of experience, I am also responsible for internal production quality and technical advice to our team leads. You might guess I don’t have much time for day dreaming!

A highlight during these years at VABO, was being heavily involved in a super cool project of developing ‘Solar Trees’, something very different from all other projects — and highly innovative! Another standout project, a superyacht canopy and mast, was completed 100% (build, topcoat, systems cabling) before fitting: due to the size of the yacht and position on board, it would have been impossible to re-fit or re-position the elements. The installation was carried out in presence of the owner and (happily!) the fit was perfect: a stressful, but very proud moment! I could also mention the building of extreme-size jacuzzies, with all the technical challenges to ensure a hassle-free fit in the end.

I am married, proud father of a son and daughter, a dog owner and a house owner. Only the Volvo family car is missing in this perfect picture!

With the non-stop action at VABO and the latter commitments, hobbies are somehow reduced to a minimum. I like sport and exercise whenever possible, like running and in the past, I was a fervent windsurfer. What people maybe don’t know, is that I had my own company, in Katwijk aan Zee… For 18 years, Wave Warrior supplied championship winning custom windsurf boards to competitors and clients around the world.

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