Hello everybody, my name is Natalia de Wal and I work at VABO Composites.  For over a year, I have been working here as a production planner and I am expanding my field of knowledge to procurement as well. Besides that, I also help taking care of our stock.

Some of the most interesting projects I have worked on at VABO Composites are projects for Wajer. These projects are very intriguing and I must say that besides these projects, every other project is very exciting, educational and impressive as well. The reason why I find this all so exciting is because of the process from drawing to final product. How does an idea go from being engineered and thought off, to realizing a grandiose product or order for a superyacht or other maritime project.

At home I am also a planner. With a (sometimes stubborn) 3 year old bilingual (Russian and Dutch) daughter and a husband that behaves the same but is a little bit older, I tend to be the most mature one in our household! We all love to travel and also like to seek the far ends of the world to visit our family! One of our favourite travelling methods is city tripping and organizing fun activities (also at work!).

Something I go by at work and during my personal life is to see the positive side in everything and always believe in what you do.

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