Lightweight composite colossus from the Netherlands!

VABO Composites, based in the Netherlands, is your ideal partner in the field of marine focussed composites. Putting the utmost importance on quality and driven by passion, knowledge and innovation, the entire team is prepared for the increasingly complex customer questions typical to the industry.

In the night of 8 to 9 October an enormous lightweight colossus (23 x 11 x 5m) was waved goodbye by a proud team of VABO Composites staff. After months of hard work and craftsmanship, the time has finally come: the largest single-piece product to date has arrived safely in Amsterdam where it will ‘crown’ a prestigious 77m superyacht. VABO’s permanent transport partner and neighbour, Van Wieren Transport, once again took care of transport for this exceptional structure – and did so in a fantastic way.

By selecting a carbon composite construction specification, the VABO team has been able to achieve weight savings of more than 40% compared to aluminium. For this project, of which the colossal cabin top was only a part, VABO Composites not only took care of the production, but also engineering, calculations and project management. In addition, the staff from VABO Composites will carry out on board installation. In collaboration with the yard, the first painting work has already been carried out in Emmeloord. In view of the project’s success, Sales & Marketing Manager Jeroen van Deutekom indicates that this will certainly not be the last showpiece of its kind. That is why VABO will continue to invest in its team, automation and the production facilities in the near future. Interested clients can enquire now about our turn-key solution for all their composite structures and instantly benefit from Vabo’s proven track record and institutional knowledge.

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