Expanding the VABO Machinery

State of the art products are made with a state of the art machine park. That is why VABO has commissioned a new CNC milling machine.
The Morbidelli X200 from SCM will mainly be used in the production of our ship doors and hatches. With this new addition, the production quality and capacity are brought to an even higher level.
Some technical data: in addition to a milling motor (9.5 kW), the CNC has a drilling unit with 16 independent vertical drilling spindles, which further streamlines production.

The maximum 14 tools in the tool magazine are changed automatically when the production process requires it. The built-in measuring system ensures each tool is automatically calibrated, further improving milling accuracy.

In order to use the CNC optimally, VABO employees have followed training courses. A CAD / CAM training for converting drawings into code for the CNC. And in-house training for operating the machine.
VABO Composites can foresee that the Morbidelli X200 will be frequently used and as a result, will help to further optimize our production process.

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